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Mortgage Myths & Misconceptions

Focus on Interest Rates

Think about your last home purchase. Where was your mortgage broker’s focus? Most likely, you were presented with an interest rate and the pressure to lock it in the low rate before they went up.

What would happen if you shifted your focus?

Maximize Tax Deductions

You have probably considered paying off your mortgage, but were advised by your CPA or Tax Accountant to take your time paying off your mortgage due to the impact that would have on your itemized state and federal tax deductions.

What’s the real math of interest tax deductions?

Make Extra Mortgage Payments

Most of us have been encouraged to make additional principal payments on our mortgage. How often have you done that over the years? What have you accomplished with those efforts? Has your financial situation changed as a result?

What if every dollar you earn was working to pay off your mortgage sooner?

What is a “Life Changer Loan”?

A Life Changer Loan is a home loan that works like a fully secured checking account. It allows you the freedom to use your income to reduce your exposure to decades of mortgage interest costs. 

With a Life Changer Loan, you can lower your loan’s principal faster and save potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest costs. You will also have flexible access to your home’s equity dollars for thirty years without forcing you to refinance.

It’s flexible, easy to use…READ MORE 

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